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Pam at the Wheel
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Bailey Brown Pottery
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loaded kiln
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Bailey-Brown Pottery:

Our pottery has always been wonderfully functional; with a few frivolous pieces, too.

But we wanted more than superb design and function. We wanted a celebration of colour and at the same time have each piece instantly recognizable as a Bailey-Brown.

Sowe experimented. From 1980 to 1986. Taking detailed notes as we tried countless combinations of glazes and stains, fired slowly to ensure the deepest saturation of colour. And then, one morning, we opened our kiln, peered in at our latest experiment, and smiled. With 23 ingredients, applied in 6 separate glazes and stains, wed finally achieved the look we wanted. A look with enduring appeal.

Joy and love are crafted in each item that comes from Bailey Brown Pottery. For over twenty five years we have lived and worked on the Moneymore Road in Roslin, Ontario Canada.

The Internet is the new marketplace but the studio, kiln and wheel remain the same.

Pam & Jeph

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Bailey Brown Pottery    1069 Moneymore Rd     Roslin ON   K0K 2Y0   Canada